Integration process

The integration process aims to determine whether the workshop for disabled people, the general labor market or the Förderstätte is the appropriate body for participation in working life for a disabled person.

An important tool for this decision and the resulting individual support plan is the hamet test method which is conducted in the Benedikt Menni workshop in the entrance procedure.

Field of vocational training

The vocational training area follows the admission procedure and usually takes two years.

Objective of the vocational training area is to respond individually to each employee and to promote him optimally, so that he/she uses its potential optimally and he can gain new skills. For each employee we create, based on a qualified skills analysis (with findings on the achievement potential) and a concretely defined integration objective, an individual integration plan that will be continuously updated during its execution. The trainee will be coached by a single tutor that will be his/her personal training guide.

The technical and professional qualification is achieved via a flexible modular system. The person with a disability has the opportunity to get to know the numerous different fields of work inside and outside the workshop for disabled people.

In addition to the technical and professional qualification, we also aim to focus on the personality. The person with a disability can choose for this purpose between several work accompanying measures.

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