Accompanying service

[Translate to English:] Der Begleitende Dienst unterstützt Beschäftigte, Mitarbeiter und Eltern bzw. gesetzliche Betreuer beratend und entlastet durch die Übernahme von speziellen Angeboten.

The accompanying service supports employees (of the workshop), staff and parents or legal guardians with advice and relieves them by taking over special tasks.

Offers for employees (workshop)

  • Contributing to the creation of a differentiated diagnostic
  • Quality assurance in the encouraging & support and planning
  • Crisis intervention: de-escalation, individual discussions, coordination of different stakeholders and measures, follow-up
  • Point of contact for individual and group conversations
  • Psycho-educational courses for people with an illness with schizophrenic character
  • Planning, organization and execution of vacation activities for employees (workshop)

Offers for other institutions, parents and legal guardians

  • Kooperation mit anderen Trägern, Wohneinrichtungen und Werkstätten
  • Cooperation with other organizations, residential institutions and workshops
  • Case-specific counseling sessions with employees (workshop), residential group, parents, etc.
  • Point of contact for relatives and legal guardians

Offers for the Staff

  • Continuous contact point for workshop staff on any topic related to rehabilitation and education
  • Planning, organizing and holding of regular continuous training for staff
  • Team support: continuous feedback and training about pedagogical behavior and actions of group staff members, accompaniment and de-briefing of team-related conflicts and questions, case-related counseling for difficult workshop employees
  • Professional guidance of all pedagogical trainees and students
  • Planning, organization and implementation of training programs
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