Working life in the Benedikt Menni workshop

We create for people with disabilities individual development opportunities in the areas of employment and occupation, taking into account their personal life situation.

Our objective is that people with disabilities identify their own resources and develop and acquire new skills.

In our premises, people with disabilities will be given activities adapted to their capabilities. We guarantee also a high degree of permeability between the various offerings and measures.

The primary goal of employment in the workshop is not, because of permanently or temporarily impaired efficiency, to be a source of income to finance the living. It rather aims the participation in working life in order to acknowledge one’scapabilities, an opportunity to have activities paid by performance and the experience of communion with others. Attempts to work in the open labor market and subsequently a transition to the same are always an possible option.

Reliability in Quality and Delivery

Since 2006 we are certified according to DIN ISO: 9001 and have been working for decades as a reliable partner (extended workbench) for industry. Quality and delivery reliability are of utmost importance to us. Thanks to our own vehicle fleet, we are able to deliver in a fast and flexible manner.

Countervailing charge for companies

As we are a recognized workshop for disabled people, employers can be credited 50% of wages on the disability levy (§ 140 SGB IX).

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