Care offers and objectives for seniors

The following services are offered in the organizational frame of the residential area of the institution:

  • Occupation and leisure activities
    Proposal and implementation of own ideas, creative design activities, board games, planning and execution of celebrations and parties, domestic activities (cooking, baking, shopping), various excursions
  • Encouragement and support of physical activities and health awareness
    structured daily routine to maintain the independence, swimming, bowling and gymnastics, walking and hiking, food preparation and personal hygiene
  • Education and memory training
    Discussion groups, comment of latest news, visits to events, museums, theater or historical places, biography work
  • Musical offering
    Singing and playing music, participation in public music events with the Orff and Veeh harps group
  • Religious offer
    Worship preparation and visits, transmission of Christian values, bible circle, management of illness, death and dying, grief work in individual or group meetings
  • Cooperation with relatives, supporting and care staff
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