Assistance of seniors with disability

Our support of aged people with disability is to help them cope with the transition from working life to retirement. To make wisely use or the newly gained leisure time, we offer seniors a structured daily routine and a wide variety of activities.

Residents who have left or are about to leave the workshop for disabled people should have the possibility - in terms of lifelong encouragement and support according to their needs - to participate in day-structuring measures within the senior day care center.

The assistance based on individual needs and interests helps:

  • Gain and stabilize skills required for daily life
  • Strengthen social skills
  • Counteract degradation processes
  • Convey security in foster vitality through the community
  • Support if dementia changed life - biography work
  • Bereavement support when being confronted with own illness, death or passing over of companions

    Support team

    Qualified nurses for Medicinal Education, occupational therapists as well as trainees and volunteers support and assist our seniors.

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