Our support objectives

The following objectives are in the focus of our “Förderstätte”:

  • Positive development of the personality
  • Maintenance and increase of existing skills
  • Alleviation of respective impairments
  • Improvement of social behavior and social integration
  • Interaction in a group outside the familiar living environment
  • Transition to the training area of our workshop for the disabled

Care services

Various actions are offered and carried out in individual and group activities, or in free occupation, such as:

  • Body awareness and basal stimulation
  • Sports, exercise and swimming
  • Excursions and activities
  • Environmental and nature experiencing
  • Encouraging and support via Occupational Therapy
  • Employments and Occupational Therapy
  • Encouragement and support of social behavior
  • Domestic activities
  • Encouragement and support in the practical life situations
  • Activities with music and rhythmics
  • Media possibilities
  • Cognitive Encouragement and support
  • Religious offers
  • Creative activities with various materials and techniques
  • Organization of celebrations and parties
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