Förderstätte for a second life- and action sector

The Förderstätte (Home for Encouragement and Support of people with disabilities) is designed for people who, because of their physical, mental, psychological and / or multiple disabilities, are not or not yet in a position to be employed in the workshop for people with disabilities.

Development of the personality

Every person, whether disabled or not disabled, has both basic needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, as well as the need for human interaction, communication and development of his personality.

Individual needs

In our “Förderstätte”, people with disabilities should be given the opportunity to orient themselves according to their individual needs, to flower out and to further develop themselves. Furthermore, by frequenting the “Förderstätte”, we provide the disabled person with a second life and action sector.

Support team

Qualified and helpful staff members, for example nurses for Medicinal Education, pedagogues, social workers, psychologists, occupational and music therapists stand for the success of our work.

They are complemented by external specialists such as physiotherapists and speech therapists.

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