Integration by employment

Work and occupation are of equal importance for people with and without disabilities. Therefore we offer in our institution a large number of activities related to daily life and to work, tailored to the individual abilities of the participants.

Residents of our institution, but also people with disabilities that do not live with us, can take part in the offers of the “Förderstätte” and the workshop. With the "small workshop for work and creativity" (KWAK), we also offer activities structured according to therapeutic work-oriented principles for residents with a mental disability.

People who retire from the workshop due to age can use the institute’s own senior care to participate in activities with former colleagues, friends and housemates.

Support team

Our employees (workshop) and residents are assisted and supported by qualified personnel, for example nurses for Medicinal Education, educators and occupational therapists as well as staff with appropriate helper formation. In addition, the workshop team leaders that have artisanal skills and special education training support our employees in their daily work. Finally, a social educational professional service completes the support team.

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