Indispensable - our volunteers

In our institution, voluntary workers work in various sectors. These help us, for example during walks, education courses, sports and games or trips, etc. Volunteers contribute with their capabilities and hobbies to make out of every day something special. In return, they can be sure to be rewarded with love and joy from our residents.

Last but not least: having fun

Volunteering allows us to look beyond our own nose, establish contact with disabled people to provide assistance, to pass on own skills and to acquire new ones and, not to forget, to have fun. We offer a well-organized structure, monitoring, regular meetings and the opportunity to participate in continuous trainings.

Get involved - give momentum, help „in Pulse“!

"The Pulse" is an initiative of the Barmherzige Brüder Gremsdorf.
We want to help people with disabilities to organize their leisure individually. We would like to improve the involvement of people with disabilities in community life. We need your volunteer work!

We provide:

  • Interesting experiences through encounters with people with disabilities
  • Introduction to your tasks
  • regular monitoring
  • a professional coach
  • regular communication with other volunteers
  • participation in in-house training courses
  • the joy of doing something good
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