Stationary living inside the institution

Men and women live together, depending on the type and severity of their disability, in 28 residential groups, out of which five have a protective character. The principle in our stateof-the-art institution is to provide a home to feel well, with additional comprehensive care for people with disabilities, under comfortable residential conditions.

Manageable residential units

We offer living in a “personal home" located in small and manageable residential units, as single or double rooms with private shower and toilet room. Our night duty team ensures the care and nursing services in the night hours. Furthermore, a central service consisting of kitchen, laundry and sewing shop is available.

Intensive groups

We offer intensively supervised and protective living to the specific group of persons with mental disabilities or mental retardation, multiple disabilities or challenging behaviors, or representing a risk for themselves and/or others.

Our objectives are:

  • Long-term stabilization
  • Improved independence
  • Social participation
  • Development towards a more open form of housing

Therapeutic offers:

  • Structured daily routine
  • Weekly psychiatric consultation
  • Support by educational and psychological specialists
  • Regular case discussions
  • Related care
  • Intensive support / accompanying of residents in daily life
  • Work- and occupation-related therapeutic offer
  • Occupation and support in our Förderstätte (Home for Encouragement and Support of people with disabilities)

Stationary living outside the institution

Residents that are able to structure to a certain extent themselves, their work and their leisure activities live in our 2 external residential groups located in Gremsdorf resp. in Höchstadt. Generally, these residents work in our workshop for people with disabilities.

Strengthening personal responsibility

The care staff supports in the afternoon, the evening and in the weekends the activities placed under the personal responsibility of the residents, such as food supply and other daily life challenges. The external housing prepares the transition to the outpatient assisted living form.

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