Differentiated residential offers inside and outside the institution

In our residential home for people with disabilities, we provide 290 stationary places. Most of them are located in residential groups inside the institution, either with open or with protective character, and the others in two external residential groups.

Our differentiated residential offering enables, depending on the intensity of the required support and assistance, a gradual and permeable system of stationary living – from intensive care to external living. This offer is completed, beyond the stationary living, by ambulant supported residential possibilities.

The person as a whole

The focus of our efforts is to cope not only with the most diverse needs of our residents, but with their person in its entirety.

Our objectives are:

  • Focus on the needs of the residents
  • Normalization, assistance, encouragement & support and therapy
  • Enabling and support of independence and self-determination
  • Integration into the social environment
  • Promotion of social and communication skills
  • Structuring of daily routine, taking into account the recent history of life
  • Enabling and support of transition to less pre-structured forms of living
  • Qualified medical and nursing care
  • Religious offers and pastoral accompaniment

We admit men and women

  • with reduced intelligence and / or
  • with multiple and / or
  • with psychic disabilities and
  • People with challenging behaviors also.
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