Offers of the pastoral care

  • Meditative, biblical and liturgical offers that appeal to all senses and are creative and comprehensive, individual discussions and discussion groups, visits to normal or special occasions in healthy or sickness days
  • Christian worship and prayer, sacraments and liturgical signs, symbols and rituals, pilgrimages and many more
  • Individually tailored accompaniment in life, death and beyond death, maintaining of a religious farewell and remembrance culture
  • Accompaniment of family members of people with disabilities, where this is deemed useful and desirable.

The weekly schedule is characterized by fixed services hours in our house chapel.

All residents, staff members and visitors are always welcome to attend our church services. We make no distinction because of religion.

Celebration of feasts during the liturgical year

Each year is marked by a number of church feasts (Christmas, Feast of the Holy Family, Easter, John of God Feast, Thanksgiving). All these feasts are celebrated by a solemn worship accessible to handicapped people.

Fostering of Christian traditions

There are many Christian traditions such as pilgrimages, palm binding for Palm Sunday or decorating of “Easter fountains” that are worth being maintained.

Offer to Staff members

Pastoral services are proposed to our staff members as well. These are, beside meditations during Advent and Lent, primarily continuous trainings related to various ethical, religious and parochial topics. These trainings are conducted in close consultation with the Training Institute of the Barmherzigen Brüder in Bavaria. The purpose of continuous training is to strengthen and support the staff members in their original pastoral competence.

Biblical studies for residents

In various biblical studies, we search together with our residents for the numerous and precious Bible messages that can enrich our everyday lives.

Support in death and mourning situations

Residents can stay in our institution up to the end of their life. This raises inevitably and frequently the question: How can we assist a resident during the last years, months or weeks of his life in the residential groups, ensuring that this period will remain a "life with dignity” to the very end . Pastors and residential groups look together for the best possible assistance, guidance and support tailored to individual situations. Also, the affected residential groups are not left alone in mourning situations.

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