The pastoral care in the institution

Following the vows of hospitality of the Barmherzige Brüder, the recording in the institution is open to all men and women regardless of social status, nationality, creed or religion.

The objective all pastoral activities in our institution is to make the promise of God through the words of the prophet Isaiah perceptible to the people with disabilities that live and work here. It is God’s promise to every human being: “You are unique. You are precious to me, just as you are. I will not let you down.”
Here is an overview of our objectives:

  • Holistic care for people with disabilities in their daily life
  • Proclaiming the good news of both the Old and the New Testament
  • Regular celebration of worship
  • Common celebration of the feasts of the liturgical year
  • Pastoral support in crisis situations
  • Promoting a vivid ecumenical consciousness

The ministers

The ministers assigned to our institution are a pastoral assistant, a Catholic priest-counselor for disabled people and a Protestant pastor.

Accompaniment during life and beyond

Religious guidance and counseling are an important part of our work. We want to accompany pastorally the people that live, reside and work in our institution with an open Christian attitude across the confessional and religious boundaries.

We wish to contribute to mental and physical well-being and thus provide comfort and a feeling of security. We try to find together answers to the important questions about life by dealing with ethical and moral topics.

Support team

We have both Catholic and Protestant priests that hold religious services in our institution. The pastoral assistant is our permanent minister responsible for all aspects of counseling on site.

His mission is to explore together with residents and staff possible ways to live and witness the gospel in our institution. His responsibilities include the accompaniment and the support of residents, individually or in groups.

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