Adult education with heart, hand and brain

The challenge is ambitious: Learning with heart, hand and brain. Interesting and creative activities trigger the envy for knowledge and curiosity. Moreover, the principle of challenging and encouraging is a comprehensive life principle.

The establishment of the Barmherzige Brüder offers since 2000 to residents and employees (of the workshop for people with disability) each semester courses in the following areas: education, recreation, body and exercise, music and creativity, religion and self-experience. The courses are supervised by trained internal staff and external instructors.

Regular educational exchange:

The institution also participates in EU programs for adult education, for example in the project of lifelong learning partnership Grundtvig, in cooperation with participants from Spain and Ireland. A regular education exchange exists since 2004 with an institution in Paris, France. Every two years, the residents of both institutions visit each other to get acquainted with the other country and its inhabitants.

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